"TGR is my chapter two—my way of building a legacy that’s about more than birdies and bogies" - Tiger Woods


Led by Tiger’s vision and inspired by his commitment to excellence on and off the golf course, TGR unites its namesake’s ventures in a focused mindset, a precise method, and an ongoing pursuit of mastery. Together, we’re working to give everyone the opportunity to define excellence for themselves.

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TGR Foundation

As TGR’s philanthropic arm, TGR Foundation champions students’ breakthrough transformations and equips them with the knowledge and skills needed to exceed any and all expectations.

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TGR Live

TGR Live manages and produces unforgettable charity events that benefit the TGR Foundation. TGR Live events showcase a premium experience for all guests, from PGA TOUR events to music events and golf outings.

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TGR Design

TGR Design is a renowned golf course design firm guided by Tiger’s unique creative vision and strategic insight, resulting in the creation of the world’s most innovative, playable courses.

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The Woods

Envisioned as Tiger’s ideal place to relax with friends and family, The Woods elevates the premium sports bar experience.

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